Auction Advocate

Whether you're a collector or a dealer, you may need assistance when it comes to participating in major auctions. Harry has extensive experience buying and selling millions of dollars in auction every year. He enjoys extremely close relationships with the Major Auction houses.

If you plan to assemble a major collection, you should not discount the help of a knowledgable agent. For a small fee, you can avoid many of the pitfalls collectors fall into. Buying coins in auction is not for the faint hearted. Stakes are very high and mistakes can be costly.

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If you plan to sell your collection or even a handful of coins in auction it pays to speak to us first. Having an independent representative insuring your coins' safe and timely arrival and proper placement in a sale is invaluable. Making sure you coins are presented properly and in the right sale can make an even bigger difference. Receive higher payouts and quicker payments by utilizing our Auction Advocate service.

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