Grading Offers

At HLRC we submit almost 1000 coins per month. Our system is efficient and accurate. After the coins return, we are eager to make you offers for anything you might want to sell. You are under no obligation, but we hope you will give us first shot whether you are selling directly after grading or later down the road. If you have a question about shipping please contact Joy or Harry in our office today!

Special Deals on PCGS Submissions

Tier PCGS List Our Price Min # of Coins
Economy $22 $19 10
15 Day $39 $34 10
5 Day $65 $50 5
Walkthrough shows/office $150 $110 1

Postage and PCGS Invoice Fee surcharge Additional

Insurance Value Per Tier— Per Coin
Economy Up to $300
15 Days Up to $2500
5 Day Up to $10,000
Walkthrough Up to $100,000

Reasonable insurance value must accompany all coins.

For grading, memo and other commerce in the mail, we are not responsible for chipped holders. When submitting or handling coin, we are extremely careful not to chip holders. In some cases, older or obsolete holder styles are not replaceable. If a holder is replaceable, we will work hard to equitably remedy the situation. Please take this into account when submitting coins to us through the mail for grading, purchases, or any other reason.

Types of Grading

Raw coins to Holders

For raw coins (not encapsulated), you may, but are not required, to specify a minimum acceptable grade. Coins graded below the minimum acceptable grade will not be holdered; however, the full grading fee will be charged. We recommend no minimum grades on this tier. Coins unsuitable for grading will either be screened out by us or determined Genuine by PCGS, and encapsulated, which does have a value.


For a coin previously graded by PCGS that you feel might be worthy of a higher grade, submit it in the holder. The coin will be removed from the PCGS holder and regraded. If the coin grades lower, the terms of the PCGS guarantee will apply. Essentially PCGS is guaranteeing the grade will not go down. This is also a good way to shoot for a Plus grade, or a full grade with no downside risk.


For a coin previously graded (currently encapsulated) by another grading service, PCGS will holder the coin only if it meets or exceeds your specific request notated in the Minimum Grade column on the front of the form. Please specify one of the following options in the minimum grade column on the front of the form. If you leave this area blank, PCGS will assume the minimum grade is the grade currently on the holder. In some cases, specifying a grade lower than the current is a good idea. For example, you have a 63 but would accept a 62. We put a minimum grade of 62 and if they grade it 62, it still crosses. However, it may still cross at 63 or higher. One percent surcharge for any coin that crosses based on this final grade.


Use the Reconsideration Service if you would like to have your PCGS-graded coin regraded without being removed from its current holder. If your coins grade is determined to improve by one numeric point or more, it will be cracked out of its current holder, given the new grade, and placed in a new holder. If the coin is already Plus Graded it can gain the other half grade in this circumstance only. This is a good plan when you are trying to preserve an old holder or a CAC sticker.

*High Value

Coins valued over $100,000 are charged a $250 + 1% fee for grading. This 1% fee is based on the coins value in its final grade. The value of the coin is determined as the higher of the Declared Value or the PCGS Price Guide value for that grade – Essentially PCGS uses the CU price of the final grade unless CU does not list the coin. The only time the 1% fee does not apply is when a coin is sent for cross and does not succeed.

Bulk Grading

When you have 100 or more of a similar item, like Morgan Dollars grading in bulk can save you money. Call us to find out how!

Offer subject to change- Shipping & Insurance fees are additional – Contact our office for more information or if you have any questions our grading experts can discuss grading strategies with you

*These services incur a 1% surcharge based on the final grade at CU price. The 1% surcharge is only incurred when the coin upgrades or crosses. An exception is high value submissions where the 1% fee is automatic on items over 100k. On high value crossovers that do not cross the 1% surcharge is waived.