Sell Your Coins to HLRC

Harry Laibstain Rare Coins has been in Business for 35 years. Through good markets and bad, we have continued to go up the numismatic ladder, buying bigger collections, better coins and learning what makes the rare coin market tick. We have secured hundreds, perhaps thousands of relationships with dealers, collectors, brokers and auction houses. We know how to buy and sell coins competitively, often outbidding other dealers by thousands of dollars at public auction or in competitive bidding deals. We have handled numerous 7-figure collections, from early gold to copper sets by die marriage. When we are called in to bid on a deal, we want to win, so we bid accordingly. When you want an offer on a coin or you want to trade something, we won`t waste your time with low offers. Dealers and collectors often line up at our booths at trade shows to offer us coins. We will treat you with the same respect we treat them.

We do not make sight unseen offers or estimates. Estimates over the phone can lead to confusion and false expectations, either high or low, and decrease the chance of a successful transaction. There are many different pricing sources available online to establish ballpark estimates or insurance values before shipping your coins.

Enjoy special hassle-free shipping!

At, we have special insurance that allows you to ship coins to us and we will pay all postage and insurance. It is amazingly simple and you don`t have to declare any value at the post office. The packages can contain a relatively high value; so many transactions are done this way through the U.S. Mail. For complete instructions on how to ship coins, contact our office. We can also send you the boxes and preprinted labels upon request. No one makes it easier. Your coins arrive overnight and are processed quickly, usually resulting in an overnight check in a day or two. Over 95% of these transactions take from one day to less than a week and about the same percentage result in purchases. On the off chance we are not interested in the coins you send or we cannot get together on price, we ship your coins back overnight at our expense. Lower value groups may be shipped Priority Mail.

If your Collection is too large, bulky, or extremely valuable, we will come to you and evaluate it on your premises. We can also arrange to visit you during one of the many trade shows that we attend all over the country. Whether you send your coins to us, see us at a show, or we come to you, we are always eager buyers. It's our nature to be highly competetive.

Payments can be made by check or bank wire. We do not offer cash.

Here are some of the issues we really like

  • All First year Coinage: 1793 Cents (Chains, Wreaths and Liberty Caps) 1793 Half Cents, 1794 Half Dimes, 1794 Half Dollars and 1794 Dollars, 1796 Half Dimes (not a first year issue, but certainly a favorite), 1796 Dimes and Quarters.
  • Esoteric Issues: 1792 Half Dismes, Bar Cents, 1776 Continental Dollars, 1861 Confederate Half Dollars and Cents
  • Key Date Coins: 1799 and 1804 Large Cents, '56 Flying Eagles and '77 Indians, 1877 Three Cent, and Five Cent Nickles, 1916/16 and 1918/7-D Buffalos, 1916-D and '42/1 Overdate Mercury Dimes, 1916 and 1916/7-S Standing Quarters, 1921-PDS Walking Liberty Half Dollars, 1851, 1852, 1854, and 1855 Seated Dollars, and '70, '73-CC Seated Dollars, '89-CC and '95-P Morgans.
  • Early Bust Coinage: All issues 1793-1807, 1796-97 Half Dimes, 1801-04 Dimes, 1804 Quarters, 1795-97 Half Dollars, 1795-98 Small Eagle Dollars.
  • All Early Gold: 1795-1839, $2.5, $5, $10 paying over bid for many of these issues.
  • Varieties: Cohen Half Cent, and Sheldon Large Cent varieties, and Bolender varieties of Bust Dollars. We pay premiums for scarce and condition census varieties.
  • Bust Half Dollars: Bust Half Dollars by date, Redbook Set or die marriage is our most prolific series. We are currently involved in building dozens of high quality sets. If you have a collection or duplicates to sell, you will not find a better buyer. Please contact us to discuss any transaction that involves Bust Half Dollars.
  • U.S. Gold:We are highly interested in any quantity of U.S. Gold coins minted prior to 1933. We will buy any quantity of Saints, Liberty Gold, and Indian Gold coins from the period 1795-1933. Uncirculated examples are highly sought, as well as, rarer dates in circulated grades.
  • Collectible Series: Some of the Collectible Series we help collectors build and often recommend to new collectors are Large Cents 1793-1857, Indian Cents 1856-1909, Two Cent pieces 1864-1873, Bust Quarters 1796-1838, Standing Liberty Quarters 1916-1930, Bust Half Dollars 1794-1839, Barber Half Dollars 1892-1915, Walking Liberty Half Dollars 1916-1947, Seated Dollars 1840-1873, Morgan Dollars 1878-1921. U.S. Gold sets we have helped build include 2.5 Dollar Liberty‚Äôs and Indians, $5 and $10 Indians, $10 Liberty's, and $20 saints. We have a special interest in high-grade registry quality Ten Libs.

If you have any questions about selling your coins, or collection, email