We Take Trades

Taking trades is an essential part of our business here at HLRC.com. We do thousands of transactions every year and many of those were made by taking trades.

When you order a coin, and have another to trade, whether you bought it from us or not the process is quite simple. Our coin is invoiced to you at list price and your trade is sent to us for evaluation. Once your trade has been valued, we wrap that together with any discount we are able to offer and end up with one number, the difference between your trade and the coin you are purchasing.

If your trade is worth more than your purchase, we will issue a check. Otherwise, your trade will represent a partial payment of the coin you are purchasing. Once payment is made for the difference, the coin will be shipped out to you. If you are on approval status, then our coin can go out first.

Harry personally reviews all trades and takes into account all relevant market factors.

Trades and Layaways

You can use your trade-in to get a layaway started. Often trade-ins are used to begin the layaway process, with the remainder of the balance divided up over the length of the layaway.

If you have any questions about trading in your coin, email harrylaibstain@gmail.com